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Why it’s important to show your kids you love each other

I chose last week to write a column about Toby Keith, which many of you enjoyed. I heard from several people who told me they liked it. I always appreciate the feedback. In typical karma fashion, I also received feedback from some of you who were aghast that I did not write a Valentine’s Day column about my wife. Let […]

‘Zero-G and I feel fine’

Project Mercury, launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Dec. 17, 1958, aimed to put the first Americans in space. The Soviet Union’s growing technological prowess following their launch of the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth, Sputnik 1, Oct. 4, 1957, was among the reasons for Project Mercury. The US participation in the “space race” was […]

How Toby Keith became a legend and saved Winstock


Winstock fans can be a hardy bunch of people, willing to brave all sorts of weather to see the lineup the country music festival has planned for them year after year.In fact, over the years, Winstock goers have endured some of the most extreme weather patterns imaginable. Even with a few changes in dates over the years, its unusual weather […]

Untethered: embracing the wireless life

After working in the telephone industry for decades, I believed physical communication mediums like wires were the most reliable. I was skeptical about wireless technology; however, recent events have changed my beliefs.After installing and thoroughly testing a home router for wireless internet, I cut the cord with my internet service provider. My Verizon Internet Gateway LTE 5G home router links […]

Early motion picture technology

In the late 1800s, groundbreaking technological changes unfolded in visual storytelling. Motion picture cameras and projectors brought stories to life on illuminated screens. Between 1890 and 1892, Thomas Alva Edison and William Kennedy Dickson developed the Kinetograph, an early motion picture camera. The Kinetograph is the first true motion-picture camera using a flexible celluloid film strip to capture a sequence […]

Nature’s cathedral: a country dweller’s connection to God

Living in the countryside is a unique and profound experience that allows individuals to forge a deep connection with their faith in God. As a Catholic, I’ve had the privilege of visiting magnificent churches and witnessing the awe-inspiring creations crafted by human hands. However, nothing quite compares to the divine masterpiece that God himself has woven into the fabric of […]

Road to freedom – Alona’s journey

In August of 2015, I landed in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, on an overnight trip from Chicago. It was bright and sunny when we landed, and I immediately felt the sultry humidity clinging to my back, which averages 85% during the month of August, but seemed 100% for my stay. A driver picked me up and drove […]

Xerox versus Apple: ‘Star’ Wars

It was a legal and technological battle over the origins of the graphical user interface. On Dec. 14, 1989, Xerox Corp. filed a lawsuit against Apple Computer, Inc. for $150 million, alleging they copied proprietary elements of its Xerox Star and Smalltalk systems.Initially developed at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in the early 1970s, these features included a graphical […]

Joe Mauer: a first-ballot hall of famer and Twins legend

Tuesday marked a momentous occasion for Minnesota baseball fans, especially those who have followed the illustrious career of Joe Mauer. The announcement came that Mauer had been selected as a first-ballot inductee into the MLB Hall of Fame, solidifying his status as one of the greatest players to ever grace the field. Mauer’s journey to Hall of Fame glory began […]

GUI: the computer game changer

On April 27, 1973, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) unveiled the Alto, a landmark digital computer featuring a unique user interface. Douglas Engelbart’s pioneering NLS (oN-Line System) computing software of overlapping windows, hypertext, and mouse control, which he demonstrated in 1968, was further developed and used in the Alto computer. The Alto contained a graphical user interface (GUI – […]

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