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Willmar Area Symphonic Orchestra brings music to Dassel Public Library

     Karissa Poe of the Willmar Area Symphonic Orchestra is excited to talk about these events. When asked about how this came about, she said that the orchestra has a trumpet player who also plays string bass and was talking with the librarian in Litchfield. “She was talking about our fall concert and that we did a little petting zoo. And the librarian said Oh, we would love to have something like that come to the library!”
     After some discussion, it was decided that a group of orchestra members would actually be doing four concerts for Pioneerland libraries in Cosmos, Dassel, Litchfield, and Grove City. Various groups within the orchestra have also done small concerts in other organizations, like a few care centers in Willmar and Clara City. Event scheduling is largely word of mouth and wherever they may have connections. They go if an opportunity comes up, and Karissa enjoys the opportunity to play for the elderly. “I just read in the AARP magazine how dementia or Alzheimer’s patients are helped both physically and emotionally when they hear music from their past.”
The concerts are just a small piece of the larger orchestra and are dependent on who is available that day. Musicians take advantage of the opportunity to play together and also enjoy sharing music with younger generations at the petting zoo. Karissa went on to say that they will have other instruments, such as a trombone or French horn, that kids can look at and touch. “We bring some instruments, like smaller violins, if they want to try to pull the ball across the string. Instruments that they can touch and feel and try to get a sound out.”
     The orchestra has a short window of time between concerns, and musicians enjoy bringing music to everyone. For this library series, the musicians range from children to adults, and the focus will be on music children would enjoy, like some Disney tunes.
Dassel Public Library event
     Willmar Area Symphony Orchestra is putting on a music event for children and families at Dassel Public Library on Saturday, Feb. 24, at 1 p.m. in the community room in city hall. They will put on a short performance geared to children and have an instrument petting zoo. The program is intended for families and young children. A woodwind ensemble from WASO will perform and bring musical instruments for children to see and touch.
On that same day, they’ll put on the same program at these libraries at these times:
Cosmos Library: 10 a.m. in the community room;
Litchfield Library: 3:30 p.m. in the meeting room.
They’ll be in the city hall community room for Grove City Library on
Thursday, Feb. 29, at 6:30 p.m.
WASO events
The Willmar Area Symphonic Orchestra is busy preparing for a concert coming up in March on Saint Patrick’s Day. They will focus on Irish music, and some guest artists will join them. For more information about the orchestra’s upcoming season, go to www.willmarorchestra.com/index.html.