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Dassel-Cokato School Board minutes 9/25/23

SEPTEMBER 25, 2023
“In partnership with our communities and families, we will educate and inspire all learners to maximize their potential, promote lifelong learning, and become contributing members of society”
Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District No. 466 (Dassel-Cokato, Minnesota) was duly held in the Dassel-Cokato High School Media Center, Cokato, Minnesota, on Monday, September 25, 2023.
Board Chair Engh called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.
The following members were present: Engh, Sangren, Miller, Halverson, Bohnsack, Kantola.
The following were absent: None.
The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance.
Motion by Sangren, seconded by Halverson, to accept the agenda as printed. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Kantola, seconded by Bohnsack approving payment of bills as presented including payroll, hand payables, and contingency totaling $1,310,650.52. Motion carried unanimously. (A complete list of bills is available from the District Office for review.)
Communications / Open Forum : None.
Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) Report: CAC application is still available on the district website for interested parties to apply.
MAWSECO Report : August meeting, MAWSECO settled on the supervisor contract. Continues to be a critical staffing need.
SEE Report: None.
Community Education Report: Planning continues as the craft fair is approaching. Lots of fall activities have begun. District buildings are collecting plastic in each school to help them qualify for a new bench from the TREX program.
Facilities Committee Report: SiteLogic hired a new site supervisor for the project. Committee is meeting next week to review the full scope of the project.
Business Manager’s Report: Executive Director of Finance and Operations Palmer reviewed the September expense report, investment reports, and bond investments. Palmer also gave an update from the annual audit with a full report coming for the October regular board meeting.
Superintendent’s Report: Superintendent Raymond shared an update on Transportation and completing the inspection last week. Raymond also updated that MOE opened up the public review and comment for social studies curriculum review cycle.
Trail Committee Report: Miller shared that the committee is still looking at alternative funding for maintaining the current trail from Dassel to Cokato.
Motion by Halverson, seconded by Miller, approving all consent items including minutes from August 28, 2023 Regular Board Meeting, September 6, 2023 Subcommittee Meeting, September 11, 2023 Work Session, and September 11, 2023 Subcommittee Meeting. Approval of Wire Transfers; August 29th for $150,000, August 31st for $800,000, September 11th for $175,000 and September 15th for $615,000. Personnel Items: lane change for Megan Bey from MA to MA+15, lane change for Laura Peterson from BA+15 to BA+30, Resignation of Ashlie Raduenz as a Middle School Special Needs Paraeducator, Resignation of Jennifer Schoening as a Cokato Elementary Title I Paraeducator effective 9/15/2023, Resignation of Ruth Ann Morris as a Special Needs Van Driver effective 9/19/2023, Employment of Jeff Harford as a Middle School Special Needs Paraeducator effective 9/11/2023, Employment of Tammy Boltz as a Middle School Special Needs Paraeducator effective 9/5/2023, Employment of Laura Haataja as a Cokato Elementary Title I Paraeducator effective 9/5/2023, Employment of Josie Utecht as a Cokato Elementary Special Needs Paraeducator effective 9/5/2023, Employment of Abigail Jarman as a Cokato Elementary Special Needs Paraeducator effective 9/15/2023, Employment of Sarah Johnson as a Middle School Special Needs Paraeducator effective 9/11/2023, Employment of Michael Stutelberg as a Middle Special Education Teacher from 9/6/2023 to 1/19/2024, Employment of Kelly Vogelpohl as a Kitchen Assistant in the High/Middle School Kitchens effective 9/5/2023, Employment of Shanna Brewer as a Kitchen Assistant at the Cokato Elementary Kitchen effective 9/19/2023, Employment of Amie Bergquist as a CDL Substitute and Activity Route Driver effective 9/19/2023, Employment of Rick Loge as a Substitute Type Ill Van Driver effective 9/6/2023, Employment of Jerry Bonnifeld as a Van/COL Route Driver effective 9/19/2023, Assignment of Lexi Wuetrich as Assistant Cheer Coach, Assignment of Abigail Jarman as Middle School Volleyball coach, Additional Assignments for Fall 2023 Community Education Coaches/Instructors list provided from Community Education, Abigail Lang; Charger Kids Club & Little Chargers Childcare: Amara Hastings, Youth Enrichment John Barberg, Basketball: Nathan Clark, Aaron Rauschendorfer, Heather Westby, Kari Chellin, Danielle Johnson, Steve Quern, Brett Mayfield, Tim Trocke, Gina Aho, Ben Aho, Sterling Weinzetl, Drew Carlson, Anna Carlson, Toby Chellin, Wrestling: Brody Schmidt, Noah Halonen, Football: Ben Beckman, Jason Kasenezky, Johnathan Hohenstein. Approval of Acceptance of Donation From Farm Rite Equipment Inc $500, Advanced Process Technologies $1,750, ARVU Auto $1,500, Brandel Electric $1,500 for activities advertising, DC Football Boosters – $2,700 for Football HUDL program, DC Volleyball Boosters – $155 for Volleyball coaches clinic, Kensington Bank – $2,500 for scoreboard fund, Kensington Bank – 3 boxes of school supplies for students. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Sangren, seconded by Bohnsack ratifying contracts for Education Association, Director of IT, Systems Administrator, and Accountant for the 2023-2025 school years. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Kantola, seconded by Miller to certify proposed 2023 Payable 2024 Levy Certification at the “Maximum” amount for next year. Motion carried unanimously.
Truth in Taxation scheduled for December 11, 2023 at 6pm.
Being no further business, Board Chair Engh adjourned the meeting at 5:47 PM.
/S/ Cindy Miller, Clerk
This document is available in the following formats upon request: Braille, Large Print, Audio Cassette Tape, and Computer Disk. Please call (320-286-4100) for more information or to request a copy.
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