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Keaveny Drug – care and convenience

Big-box pharmacies can’t compare to the experience and care you will receive at a small-town pharmacy like Keaveny Drug.

Kelly Keaveny has owned and operated the Cokato drug store 19 years, though it’s been a three-generation pharmacy starting with his grandfather 77 years ago.

The benefits of a small-town pharmacy aren’t often noticed until its gone.

“You don’t realize how much you use them, but when they are gone, you miss them,” Keaveny said.

Small-town pharmacies like Keaveny have been hit by insurance-forced mail-order prescriptions and the slow economy. Today, some insurance companies prefer, or even require customers to have their prescriptions mailed to their home.

“Mail orders have affected business,” Keaveny said.

He also noted that when the new Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, takes effect in January his customers will likely see a rise in prescription costs.

Consumers are under the impression that the big-box stores are cheaper than stores like Keaveny.

Although prices of prescriptions is still something consumers should compare, many times the insurance companies set those prices regardless of where you fill them, he explained.

“A lot of the time, the prices are the same, but the wait is longer,” Keaveny said.

It’s not unusual for customers to bring their prescriptions to a big-box store and have to waste time – and possibly money – walking around the store while they wait to have it filled.

At Keaveny, the wait is five to 10 minutes, whereas elsewhere up to an hour is standard protocol.

It also comes down to supporting local businesses and pharmacies, which in addition, provides personal care and full service.

Today, Keaveny also allows prescription refills to be done in the palm of your hand online and on iPhones and Androids cell phones.

Customers of Keaveny Drug will also find more than their prescription since it offers an assortment of gifts, cards, first-aid, sports braces, personal hygiene, and seasonal gifts and sales.

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